All JONNMAR rugs are unique, handmade pieces, painstakingly woven in Nepal and India by self-employed men and women.
Our wool is exclusively from the Himalayas or New Zealand, while our silk is strictly 100% Chinese, worm-spun silk.
JONNMAR do not work with viscose, bamboo silk, art silk or any other silk substitutes.
Pile height, weave technique and knot count are all noted individually on each rug, so that a customer always knows exactly what they are getting.

At JONNMAR, only the very best will suffice.

Only 6% of western world rug stores can certify that they sell products which have not been tainted by the hands of child labour, and we are proud to be part of that 6%.

Each and every rug comes with certification from Goodweave or Hand, to ensure that it has been handled by adults only - from the source of the materials, through the dyeing and carding processes, all the way to our stores in Europe.

We offer worldwide, impeccable customer service so that our clientèle have an effortless and transparent experience, from the day they enter our stores to the beautiful moment when their new rug is laid down for them to enjoy at home.